linear rail
Yitong linear guideway – Compact rails.
linear guide system
linear guideway


Yitong compact rail linear guide system consists of a separated sliding carriage and a guide rail.
The guide rail is made of high quality carbon steel.
The sliding carriage is mounted with three pieces or more high quality LV series track rollers, two rollers are fixed on the block, and others are all with eccentric functions.
The sliding carriage could be dismounted from the rail very easily, which makes this guide system extremely convenient in mounting and adjusting.
The guide rails and the carriage block are all drilled with mounting holes, easy for mounting and less space required.
The preload of this Compact rail system could be adjusted freely to meet various application requirements.
This Compact rail system has a long service life. Track rollers are available on stock for customers’ replacement.
Custom drilled services on the rails are also available from YITONG.

       LTV Code of Compact linear rails
       XX: Width of the rail, e.g. 28 means the width 28mm.
       XXXX: Length of the rail (mm).
       X: Number of the rollers mounted on the carriage, 4 means 4 pieces (standard type is mounted with 3 pieces of roller, not specified.)


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